General Security Assessments
Take Preemptive measures

Know Where You Stand

Find out where your organization is in relation to best practices or your industry peers. A great service to consider when you're unsure of your security posture or when you are looking for a general starting point.

A general security assessment can be on-site or off-site depending on what specifics are needed. At the very least, a general security assessment includes an analysis of firewall configurations, an analysis of standard desktop and server implementations, and other basic security related items regarding an environment.

Additional security needs can be added a la carte to a general security assessment in order to focus on areas of concern or to meet certain compliance requirements. For example, a wireless security assessment, analysis of VLAN segmentation (such as voice or credit card network segments), or vulnerability scanning are popular add-on services to a general security assessment.

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We pride ourselves on being small enough to remain agile and large enough to apply a dedicated approach to each client experience.


A keen understanding of the industry, with all its technologies, innovations, threats and solutions positions us as “future-proof”.

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We are a group of highly skilled individuals that are dedicated to working with our clients to achieve the best of software security.

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We have a keen understanding of the industry and standards. That and our thorough familiarity with some programming languages set us apart.

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We're backed by trusted international vendors & globally recognized channel partners & that's what sets us apart from our competitors.

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We have a single-minded focus – the mitigation of information security risk for our clients, ensuring that they are thoroughly satisfied

We're dedicated to client satisfaction.

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